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Nazca Esmeralda - Perús

Nazca Esmeralda



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Delivery from mid-August 2021.

White leather joggers. Embossing inspired by traditional inca patterns. Emerald and grey suede inserts, highlighted by a beige border. TR & SBS super flexible and comfortable soles with cushioning on the heel and a shape that accompanies the foot throughout the day.

Their design with lines and reliefs is inspired by the geoglyphs from the Nazca desert in Peru !

These retro sneakers get us back to the 2000’s !

Composition : Calfskin leather inside, leather and suede outside. Calfskin leather, Argentinian-born and certified REACH standard, which guarantees its safety for human health and the environment. Joggers type of outside sole, removable inside sole. Made in Portugal.

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We recommend using our Waterproofer to extend the lifetime of your sneakers and to limit stains.

We also recommend using our Raviv' Daim to revive the color of the suede of your shoes.


We help you to take care of your sneakers by adding a Waterproofer of the brand  Famaco  to the first 100 pre-orders ! Famaco is a French company founded in 1931 and working on leather care. They lend their French expertise to footwear professionals. We actually trust them for the care of our shoes ! The Waterproofer and stain remover protect your pair of water and external aggressions, so nothing get in the way of you and your Nazca.
Nazca Esmeralda - Perús

Inspired by the eponym lines

The Nazca lines (geoglyphs) are a core part of the peruvian heritage. They were traced in the ground by the locals, between 500 B.C. and 500 A.D. Their meaning is still unknown and still fascinates scientists and historians around the world.

Nazca Esmeralda - Perús

Artisanal craftsmanship

Our sneakers are handmade by the team of the Caminhar factory in Portugal. To decorate this collection, we chose embossed patterns. We particularly appreciate this technique for its sustainability and its neutral environmental impact. Here, no chemical components are used, the patterns are simply engraved on a metal sheet heated at 115°, before being hot pressed directly onto the suede.

Nazca Esmeralda - Perús

Why Portugal ?

We believe a strong social commitment goes hand in hand with a strong environmental commitment. That is why our Nazca are made in Fafe, in Portugal. This allows to limit their transport and therefore, their carbon footprint. In addition, this region is world-renowned for the expertise of its artisans and the quality of their shoes !

Nazca Esmeralda - Perús

Why do we use pre-orders ?

Pre-orders allow us to produce the right amount of products and to limit industrial waste. We also get to include you into our production process ! This enables us to limit the risks we take on our new collections. In return, and to thank you for your trust, we propose special rates on our new products during launches. Finally, using our pre-order system is the guarantee that each article is made for you, with care and in sustainable conditions ! 

Nazca Esmeralda - Perús


We are in collaboration with the NGO Los Chicos de Cusco that supports four schools in poor villages around Cusco in Peru. For each bag sold, we donate one euro. This represents the cost to send one pupil to school for a day, including the teacher’s salary, school supplies and uniforms.

Nazca Esmeralda - Perús

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